Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mother of God, Queen of Peace

Today we invoke the prayers of Our Lady under the title “Mother of God”. It seems fitting that Our Lady should have a feast in the Christmas Octave given her fundamental role in the events of Christ’s birth, and indeed the history of salvation. During this season we sing the Alma Redemptoris mater in which we pray, Tu quae genuisti, natura mirante, tuum sanctum Genitorem, Virgo prius ac posterius - 'You, in the wonder of all creation, have brought forth your Creator, Mother ever-Virgin'.

We recall that Our Lady gave birth to Jesus Christ, our God, whilst she was a virgin. This miracle is the greatest honour ever bestowed upon a human being by God throughout history. By this act, she was marked out forever. This act was an awesome responsibility, one that would daunt any person. But God gave her the grace to do it; He showed her favour. Saint Augustine wrote, "The divine motherhood would have been of no value to her had Christ not borne her in his heart, with a destiny more fortunate than the moment when she conceived him in the flesh" (De Sancta Virginitate, 3, 3).

It is especially apt that on the day we remember Our Lady’s motherhood of the Prince of Peace, we also turn our thoughts to the conflicts which ravage the earth, and pray for peace.  

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Pray for Us.


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